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Digital Piano and Valve Amplifiers. The minimum charge for pro-gear is 85 plus parts. This includes Clavinova type pianos, and valve amplifiers.

Hybrids and Disklavier piano repairs are from 110 plus parts. (field call only)

Field Calls. I try not to take on too many field calls but, if you do need me to call at your home or business to repair, then the minimum fee is 85 plus 45p per mile (return to base mileage calculated) and any tolls paid. I also charge travel time of 25 per hour for jobs at distance. This equates 50 per 100 miles. (allowing 2 hours for 100 miles).  Please ask... i may know an engineer close to you.

IMPORTANT. The fees above are the amounts I charge to get involved with the repair. If investigation reveals that it will cost more to repair, then I shall stop the work and quote an accurate estimate which you can accept or reject. If you reject it then you will still have to pay the minimum fee which covers the cost of fault diagnosis.

What Does it Cost?

Repairs in the workshop:
For basic keyboards amplifiers etc. the standard cost for bench repairs is 45. (covers most items). This also covers the first hour of Labour and I try to keep the labour fee at this amount. If time goes over then relax...I will quote first if it is likely to depart from this cost. Most repairs go out at the minimum charge (see below) plus parts.